How much is it?

We have three different packages, Package one ($2200) is 8 hours coverage which includes an edited highlight film (the best shots that tell the story of your day to a licensed song) as well as all the bonus footage the camera captures unedited, back to back, with audio on a USB.


Our second package ($2900) covers from getting ready, to when the formalities conclude at the reception (roughly 10 hours) and includes the edited full day highlight film, a shorter 30 seconds to 1 minute highlight clip for socials and the bonus footage on a USB.


Our final package ($3500) covers the entire day (no time limit) and includes the edited highlight film, a shorter highlight film for socials, plus separate edits for the speeches and vows as well as your bonus footage, all on a USB.

How does your payment work?

There is a 10% deposit due within ten days of booking to secure your date, then half of the remaining amount due the calendar month before the wedding and the remainder the week before. If this doesn't work for you, contact us and we can come up with a payment plan better suited to you. 

How many videographers will come to my wedding?

Presently one, all the clips you’ve already seen on our site are shot by a single shooter. We find one person is sufficient, whilst not invasive, to capture enough precious moments to be able to retell the story of your perfect day.

How long is the highlight film?

That does depend on a few factors - how much footage is captured on the day and the song choice - but generally you can expect a film from 4 - 6 minutes in length.

How do you pick your songs?

We licence music from two licencing websites, one is called Music Bed and the other is called Artlist. The cost of licencing is included in your price, and makes it legal for us to produce your film with this music. Once we have been through your footage we choose a shortlist of songs that we feel fits your day, which you are then able to pick from.

What sort of cameras do you use?

Presently, we use Sony Cinema Cameras. Ranging from the incredible FS700 to the A7/A6 series. In technical terms they have amazing dynamic range and can shoot super high framerates. Which basically means a really clear, crisp image, awesome quality and can shoot super slow motion which is how we get those magical moments where time almost stands still.

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